Definition of population in US English:



  • 1All the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country.

    ‘the island has a population of about 78,000’
    • ‘Perhaps 50 are inhabited, with populations ranging from one family to up to 5,000 people.’
    • ‘As well as being a reader in demography at Oxford University, he has published 90 papers and eight books on the growth and movements of populations.’
    • ‘Bringing back abortion would cut down on the growth of the population.’
    • ‘The majority of the population inhabits the interior of the republic.’
    • ‘Indian populations inhabited Aruba prior to the European discovery.’
    • ‘After years of little or no growth, the population of Woodstock is expected to nearly double in the coming decades.’
    • ‘The difference between these numbers expresses the rate of natural growth of the population per 1,000 inhabitants.’
    • ‘And any programme aimed at slowing the growth of the prison population, or even reversing it, must do the same.’
    • ‘On another front renewal too for the Ballina Parish Council to cope with the unprecedented growth in the parish population.’
    • ‘We both know that the Maori population were the original inhabitants of the land.’
    • ‘The fastest growth in developer populations has in recent years come from the Czech Republic and Australia.’
    • ‘That is not to say that the larger towns in the county have also seen a growth in the population.’
    • ‘It prevents unnecessary growth in the population, and you don't have to buy anyone anything.’
    • ‘For that matter, the tropical islands' native populations are not all that enamored with seeing an influx of any other races, white or otherwise.’
    • ‘Therefore, a close relationship can be expected between the development of the shoot population and the radial growth of older stems.’
    • ‘Inland populations inhabit lakes, open swamps and marshes, and rivers.’
    • ‘The boom in our population and the rapid growth of cities are contaminating our most precious resource.’
    • ‘Belgrade is situated to the north of Yugoslavia and has a population of two million inhabitants.’
    • ‘This region inhabited by populations that depend on farming in particular and the agricultural sector in general needs its productive manpower for the promotion of this sector.’
    • ‘For nearly two decades, many birders have worried about the health of migratory bird populations inhabiting the nation's forests.’
    inhabitants, residents, people, citizens, citizenry, public, community, populace, society, natives, occupants, occupiers
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    1. 1.1with modifier A particular section, group, or type of people or animals living in an area or country.
      ‘a city with a large student population’
      • ‘That was three weeks ago and the drain of the Catholic population in that area continues.’
      • ‘This can help bring to the fore, the plight of those who are the most vulnerable population due to HIV / AIDS.’
      • ‘The Chicago suburb has a large population of immigrants, including many from countries such as Iraq and Iran.’
      • ‘The total cassowary population for the area is calculated to currently be just 42.’
      • ‘She sees more than 100 patients a month, about 10 percent of the area's older population.’
      • ‘These activists bring much more than rice and plastic sheeting to the civilian population hit hardest by the violence.’
      • ‘These attacks against civilian population centers constitute war crimes.’
      • ‘In the absence of alternative jobs, much of the local population earns a living or a part-time income from wine.’
      • ‘There is a huge West of Ireland population in the Manchester area and I have no doubt this will become the most popular flight from Knock.’
      • ‘DNA data will help create a clear picture of the area's nurse shark population and its dynamics.’
      • ‘This preposterous number effectively amounts to criminalizing most of the teenage male population of the Rampart area.’
      • ‘What role will the rapidly increasing Christian population play?’
      • ‘The rise in the standard of living of the wage-earning population was important, but it must be kept in perspective.’
      • ‘Does this have anything to do with the large Mexican-American population in the area?’
      • ‘Astoria, Queens is home to the largest Greek population outside of Athens.’
      • ‘The hospital was in a part of town with a large population of Hmong immigrants.’
      • ‘The high occurrence of STDs in the region is reflective of the area's very young population.’
      • ‘The ideology also increased the Moorish soldiers' desire to care for the civilian population of the new land.’
      • ‘Because in many developed countries, governments are concerned about the global ageing population crisis.’
      • ‘I went to an area known as Edgware Road, where there's a majority Muslim population in that area.’
      • ‘February and March are the time of year that the area's hare population is most visible.’
      • ‘That may work well in some areas, especially on urban lands, but will never be a viable solution for controlling deer population in wild areas.’
      • ‘Its appraisal centres on Europe's working population decline.’
      • ‘The current elephant population in the provincial area is around 300 elephants.’
      • ‘There has been concern in recent years over a rapid decline in the grey seal population in the area.’
      • ‘Today the world faces the many-sided challenge that a rapidly aging population presents.’
      • ‘Above all, this is a zone in demographic upheaval as its youthful population races ahead of local capacities to socialise, educate and employ.’
    2. 1.2with modifier The specified extent or degree to which an area is or has been populated.
      ‘areas of sparse population’
      • ‘Ward's small population and physically close living quarters mean that the community on the island is a tight one.’
      • ‘According to him, unemployment in the areas with mixed population was twice as high as the average for the country.’
      • ‘Leitrim has an even bigger percentage of people living in rural areas but its rural population has fallen in the past 30 years.’
      • ‘Does Australia seek a large population with a low living standard or a small population with a high living standard?’
      • ‘With a large area and small population, Botswana also faced the problem of access to services in rural areas.’
      • ‘The growing rural population means people must drive more for work, shopping, and leisure activities.’
      • ‘He expressed hope that this way people would be able to have milk and cheap meat and also farm draft power, thereby raising the standard of living for rural populations in the district.’
    3. 1.3 The action of populating an area.
    4. 1.4Biology A community of animals, plants, or humans among whose members interbreeding occurs.
      • ‘Microsatellites are an important source of information about the phylogenetic relationships among human populations.’
      • ‘The trails will enable visitors to easily discover Camp Henry's wide variety of natural habitats with their diverse populations of plants and animals.’
      • ‘Similar changes have occurred in the human and animal populations of other Asian countries, creating an incredible mixing vessel for viruses.’
      • ‘We are increasingly impacted upon by disease generated overseas which affect our human, animal and plant populations.’
      • ‘Studying how they evolve and move through human and animal populations might identify new flu reservoirs and enable the emergence of new strains to be predicted.’
      • ‘Such drugs are routinely employed among both human and farm animal populations.’
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    5. 1.5Statistics A finite or infinite collection of items under consideration.
      • ‘They would not have been significant by using conventional statistical tests for infinite populations.’
      • ‘Collection data for these populations have been reported previously.’
      • ‘The available research has mostly analyzed survey data collected from special populations.’
      • ‘And we expect, that although this is a five-year effort to sample these populations and collect the data the analysis will in fact go on for many years.’
      • ‘The pattern of pairwise nucleotide differences predicted by the model is compared to data collected from sardine populations.’
    6. 1.6Astronomy Each of three groups (designated I, II, and III) into which stars can be approximately divided on the basis of their manner of formation.
      • ‘Here, Hubble astronomers have uncovered, for the first time, a population of infant stars.’
      • ‘Corbin and Vacca examined a sample of dwarf galaxies chosen for their compact size and the youth of their star populations.’
      • ‘International agreement will determine by how much emissions must contract each year, and then permits to emit will be allocated to all countries on the basis of their populations.’
      • ‘The Kuiper belt and Oort cloud are populations of icy planetesimals located beyond the orbit of Neptune.’
      • ‘Astronomers have long exploited this correlation between age and color to study the ages of stellar populations in star clusters and galaxies.’


Late 16th century (denoting an inhabited place): from late Latin populatio(n-), from the verb populare, from populus ‘people’.