Definition of popularizer in US English:


(British populariser)


  • See popularize

    • ‘And, of course, public social scientists and those in the humanities are, in some respects, in short supply, in part because their colleagues stigmatize them as popularizers.’
    • ‘Hence, Richardson's foreword drew scorn from veteran UFO investigators and science popularizers.’
    • ‘Glazer, one of the popularizers of folk music in the tradition of Alan Lomax and Pete Seeger, was the master of the ‘found ‘song.’’
    • ‘Yet scientific popularizers and educators have to deal with the fact that in our society, many people are still religious, and still accept descriptive religion (at least ostensibly).’
    • ‘The constructional approaches tend to be regarded as cook-books, and their authors as technicians or popularizers.’