Definition of popular music in US English:

popular music


  • Music appealing to the popular taste, including rock and pop and also soul, country, reggae, rap, and dance music.

    • ‘Britain is always a touch ahead of the curve as far as popular music goes.’
    • ‘In some senses, he represents the latest incarnation of an archetype that crops up time and again in popular music.’
    • ‘Few other genres of popular music elevate the text to such a level of importance.’
    • ‘This data set was split into two broad categories of classical music and popular music.’
    • ‘Breakbeat has exhibited an incredible tenaciousness since it infected popular music in 1974.’
    • ‘Of course, it's easy to point out that most popular music thrives on image as well.’
    • ‘There is a broad pattern in popular music scholarship of taking sides in a similar way.’
    • ‘A French Algerian, he fuses contemporary Arabic popular music with post-punk guitar rock.’
    • ‘It is essential reading in the role of popular music at the turn of the millennium.’
    • ‘You're left with no doubt that the music contained here changed the world of popular music forever.’
    • ‘The huge contribution made by the Beatles to popular music will be celebrated in the performance of a number of their hits.’
    • ‘Presley was and is, even after his death, the single most important man in popular music.’
    • ‘Well, actually a very well produced, and enjoyable journey through the A-Z of popular music.’
    • ‘As it becomes popular music, world music appropriates the past and tradition to effect a radical break with them.’
    • ‘He describes their repertoire as a mix of reggae, hip hop and popular music.’
    • ‘American publishers of popular music were quick to cash in on the vogue of mountain songs.’
    • ‘Her taste in popular music ran to the Beatles and James Taylor; jazz barely made an impression.’
    • ‘But there is something about the human voice that gives popular music its zeitgeist.’
    • ‘One aim of this volume is to explore some of the fundamental assumptions of popular music.’
    • ‘It is 100 years since the discovery of the blues, the wellspring from which popular music as we know it first flowed.’