Definition of poppy in English:



  • A herbaceous plant with showy flowers, milky sap, and rounded seed capsules. Many poppies contain alkaloids and are a source of drugs such as morphine and codeine.

    • ‘The resultant plants were no smaller in height than the perennial poppies I already had but they produced enormous flowers in a range of shades.’
    • ‘Plants like peonies, poppies, and irises should also be planted in the fall season.’
    • ‘Most poppies are very easy to grow, especially annuals such as the California or the Shirley.’
    • ‘Down one side of the lawn, we've got a good mass of herbs, clematis, sunflower seedlings and wild poppies.’
    • ‘Around the ponds and burn there are paths and various plants, such as Himalayan poppies and rhododendrons.’
    • ‘To use poppies in arrangements, cut the poppy stem and sear it with a match right away to seal the end.’
    • ‘Tomas's father lives in the countryside, amongst fields of golden wheat, rape seed and red poppies.’
    • ‘This will be in the New England style of white flowers rather than red poppies.’
    • ‘The air is pungent with the smell of the rain-soaked marigolds and yellow poppies.’
    • ‘If heroin poppies had been planted, it might have been different.’
    • ‘There will be colourful flowers, such as poppies to look at and smell, prickly plants and vegetables to eat.’
    • ‘We tried cheerful annuals, marigolds, nasturtiums and poppies.’
    • ‘It's about delphiniums, not about poppies, and seems to be suffering from the same irritating slipperiness.’
    • ‘And of all the flowers I sowed this spring only a handfuls of poppies and marigolds have come up.’
    • ‘It includes a painting of a bowling match taking place beside a flower bed out of which poppies are flowering.’
    • ‘And it is a pale grey, with just a big bunch of poppies and oats and I think they're cornflowers.’
    • ‘We walked ashore among delicate Svalbard poppies and purple-flowering saxifrage.’
    • ‘Thus poppies, hemp, some cacti, and some fungi share with vines a symbolic connection with the superhuman powers.’
    • ‘Once the poppies have flowered, the seed heads are harvested and converted into morphine base in local laboratories.’
    • ‘It may be a place of vines, but also of olives, poppies and lavender.’


Old English popig, papæg, from a medieval Latin alteration of Latin papaver.