Definition of popgun in US English:



  • 1A child's toy gun which shoots a harmless pellet or cork.

    • ‘The sweet and beautifully drawn Song of the Birds is about a kid's remorse when he hits a little bird with a popgun.’
    • ‘A spectacular Leonid storm in 1833 generated further anecdotes of meteors that swished, whooshed, or, in one case, ‘resembled the noise of a child's popgun.’’
    • ‘Other popular games include: ‘gunfighting’ with bamboo popguns; beetle-and spider-fighting; and huyup-huyup, blowing rubber bands out of a circle for bets.’
    • ‘I felt like someone had placed a popgun really close to my ear and shot it off because there was a ringing that wouldn't stop as well.’
    1. 1.1 A small, inefficient, or antiquated gun.
      • ‘On the open prairie the .22 Magnum sounds like a popgun.’
      • ‘Whaddaya think you're going to do with that wee popgun?’
      • ‘If there are potential new shooters observing a match for the first time, they will be drawn where the black powder shooters are firing instead of the extremely fast people shooting popgun loads.’
      • ‘Yes, it has some amusing dialogue, mostly one-liners, but the humor is that of a professional popgun for hire, an impersonal jokester, rather than an observer of humanity.’
      • ‘But between you and me, the less I hear those popguns, the more regularly my heart beats.’
      • ‘Charging your guns up for some time before shooting does a whole lot more damage to your foes than just shooting them with your standard little popgun.’
      • ‘Tess arrived with some fairy wings in her luggage while Donna brought an old-fashioned wooden popgun.’