Definition of pop up in English:

pop up

phrasal verb

  • 1Appear or occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

    ‘these memories can pop up from time to time’
    • ‘I should add that at one point in the animation, the Loch Ness Monster appeared to pop up in the background.’
    • ‘Why has the bespectacled figure of Kevin Rosenberg suddenly popped up in a corner of my mind?’
    • ‘Further, with old and new problems popping up together, it appears our political and economic turmoil will never end.’
    • ‘So much for these chain stores that appear to be popping up all over the country.’
    • ‘This was a common occurrence, meteor storms suddenly popping up without warning.’
    • ‘Suddenly an alert popped up on her computer and she read it.’
    • ‘A petite figure suddenly popped up from behind the couch.’
    • ‘I started to walk towards the food court, planning to get something to eat when Matt suddenly popped up beside me.’
    • ‘And where they appeared, counter-protesters also popped up - to keep the other side from hogging the cameras.’
    • ‘Look, what people really say about this is well why has it suddenly popped up now as an issue?’
    • ‘It was so silent that it was like one of those movies where suddenly a murderer pops up out of the bushes to attack the helpless woman.’
    • ‘So if water features and decorative stone paving suddenly start popping up around the Huntington Stadium pitch, you know who's to blame.’
    • ‘There is no campaign and suddenly his name pops up, clearly presented by the British and the French who have been impressed by his negotiational ability.’
    • ‘I was scrolling through my server logs this morning, clicking on links to any of the incoming domains I didn't recognise when suddenly something very familiar popped up.’
    • ‘Suddenly a commercial pops up for Colgate toothpaste.’
    • ‘I keep expecting him to just suddenly pop up and surprise me.’
    • ‘Richard Askwith reports on the mysteries of the giant squid, a profoundly elusive creature that suddenly seems to be popping up everywhere’
    • ‘It's an argument worth having, especially since more paid-for results appear to pop up every few months.’
    • ‘I don't know what it is but certain phrases seem to suddenly pop up on my TV whenever politicians are giving speeches or pundits are discussing politics.’
    • ‘And people might not donate if 18 years down the line a few children were to suddenly pop up!’
    appear, appear abruptly, appear suddenly, appear unexpectedly, occur abruptly, occur suddenly, come into sight, come into view, materialize, arrive, make in an appearance, put in an appearance
    come along, happen, emerge, arise, crop up, turn up, present itself, come on the scene, come to light, manifest itself
    show up
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    1. 1.1Computing (of a browser window) appear without having been requested, especially for the purpose of advertising.
      • ‘You see the warnings indicated by the red popping up on the screen.’
      • ‘Right click and click "Stop" on the pop up menu.’
      • ‘You can float the mouse over the button and a tool tip will pop up with the command name.’
      • ‘Clicking on any of these pictures will pop up a bigger one.’
      • ‘It also pops up a screen asking you for permission to enter the site, all according to the rules.’
  • 2Hit a baseball high into the air but not deep, providing an easy catch.

    ‘in three at bats, he struck out twice and popped up’
    • ‘The batter popped up a bunt foul behind catcher who chose to catch the foul ball on the fly.’
    • ‘With the winning run on second and nobody out, Damon tried to bunt, and he ended up popping up to Posada.’
    • ‘The vast majority of firebrands have been second basemen, a position often played by smaller men, though feisty shortstops also pop up from time to time.’
    • ‘Given a shot at a sixth, Musial popped up in the ninth.’
    • ‘He was so crafty, that he knew where to spot his pitches and he got me out on a pitch I think he knew I would pop up or not hit real well.’
    • ‘It used to be a pitcher could get LF Barry Bonds to chase a high pitch and get him to pop up, or get him to pull an outside breaking ball to the second baseman.’
    • ‘Trent's first inning went by without incident - a strike out, a ground out and a pop up - and Ally had expected him to be fairly happy with himself for it.’
    • ‘Lefthanders pitch him outside and force him to bounce the ball to second or pop up.’
    • ‘Moose then induced Darrell pop up for the second out, and it looked as if he might send the game into extra innings.’
    • ‘If Seabol had popped up, there would have been hell to pay.’
    • ‘Suddenly a player pops up that you completely forgot was on the pitch.’
    • ‘In Bill Singer's no-hitter for the Dodgers in 1970, Philadelphia's Byron Browne popped up around the plate.’