Definition of pop for in US English:

pop for

phrasal verb

  • Pay for (something), especially as a treat for someone else.

    ‘I popped for the first three tolls’
    • ‘After being blue-worn in a duty holster, I popped for a hard chrome finish from Armoloy in the middle 1970s.’
    • ‘Relax, try to have some fun for a change and pop for an extra round at the bar after the game.’
    • ‘I popped for the full ride, right down to the flat panel television display.’
    • ‘Will Hispanics readily pop for the extra charges for a digital box plus a special tier?’
    • ‘These frames are a major improvement that will allow those of us who can't or won't pop for a skate to experience the ‘low-rider ‘benefits they provide.’’
    • ‘He is putting the good word out to readers that you too can own these handmade, multiple-track CD-Rs if you're willing to pop for the color covers and postage to wherever it is you reside.’
    • ‘Wish I could do this with the newest model but I'm not intrigued enough to go out and pop for a new phone.’
    • ‘A while ago the Guthrie got $25 million in a bonding bill to pop for the new theater on the Mississippi.’
    • ‘Five dollars bought a nice hotel room; only Patty Berg had enough cash to pop for a room with a newfangled TV.’
    • ‘When a soldier from the area was killed in Iraq, I popped for a one-week subscription to The Rooster to read the feature article.’