Definition of pop-up in US English:



  • 1(of a book or greeting card) containing folded cut-out pictures that rise up to form a three-dimensional scene or figure when the page is turned.

    • ‘He had one of those little pop-up books that listed a bunch of foods, including French fries and apples.’
    • ‘As a result of the performance's intertwined story lines and demanding location changes, the design team decided to model the sets after a children's pop-up book.’
    • ‘It's simple set evokes a pop-up picture book with lots of opening doors and windows, secret entrances and levels.’
    • ‘Her vision is nihilistic and absurd, yet, in its commitment to small-scale fantasy, an inarguable delight to behold - like a cheeky, philosophical pop-up book.’
    • ‘One of these books was a pop-up version of ‘There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly’.’
    • ‘There's an exhibition of pop-up books, also known as movable books, at the Brooklyn Public Library (various branches) going on now through the end of the year.’
    • ‘Bring along a fun distraction, such as a teddy bear, pop-up book, or bubble blower.’
    • ‘Twenty-seven-year-old Alex, who has also created a variety of seasonal charity cards, hopes to lend her talents to a new pop-up book for very small children in the near future.’
    • ‘Jasmine's presents included a kite, pop-up book, a mug with her name on and a magical colouring book.’
    • ‘The box has some decidedly pop-up book style spinners and moving parts that are clever and fun.’
    • ‘A pop-up book aimed at adults, this work illustrates in three dimensions every nightmare you've ever had, and some you don't want to know about.’
    • ‘Several cards can be bound together to make a unique pop-up book, for which students can write stories to go with the pop-out designs.’
    • ‘Then, pulling the child along by his sticky little hand, she brought him over to the children's section to reach the little pop-up book on the higher shelf.’
    • ‘They were introduced to handmade pop-up books and samples demonstrating the ‘how-to's’ of book construction.’
    • ‘As if to demonstrate the story is fiction, not history, the set is a giant pop-up book.’
    • ‘Yet the interior space does not flow smoothly; instead, it exists in layers, like the measured progressions of a pop-up book.’
    • ‘I have even seen a pop-up book of the universe which perhaps fortunately fails to come to terms with the Big Bang, but these books seldom feature observers.’
    • ‘He is the author/illustrator of colorful, interactive pop-up books featuring the character Max.’
    • ‘Free of meaningless menus and redundant pages, the style is reminiscent of the children's activity centres or pop-up books that adults enjoy playing with so much.’
    • ‘The film has an interesting storybook appearance, where characters tend to stick out like animated pop-up figures against a projected background.’
    solid, concrete, having depth, sculptural, rounded
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    1. 1.1 (of an electric toaster) operating so as to push up a piece of toast quickly when it is ready.
      • ‘As pop-up toasters are covered under the Quality Control Order, 1981, they have to conform to the safety standards.’
      • ‘He clicked his fingers for a menu and fiddled with a mobile phone, then started playing with another piece of gadgetry that looked like a combination satellite dish, pop-up toaster and miniature microwave oven.’
      • ‘The first pop-up toaster for the home, the Toastmaster, arrived on the scene in 1926.’
      • ‘My mother brought a pop-up toaster with her, and that was a marvel to behold.’
      • ‘In America, in 1917, the administration grasped, for the first time, that war, like pop-up toasters, was a marketable commodity.’
      • ‘It's a reusable bag that can brown a cheese sandwich in your pop-up toaster.’
      • ‘The majority of homes already have washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and pop-up toasters.’
    2. 1.2Computing (of a menu or other utility) able to be superimposed on the screen being worked on and suppressed rapidly.
      • ‘The pop-up menu also provides a screen for modifying permissions and ownerships.’
      • ‘To insert a memorized transaction, right-click on an empty ledger line, go to the memorized item in the pop-up menu and select the transaction you wish to insert.’
      • ‘Here's something else to try: right-click on a filename and a small pop-up menu will appear.’
      • ‘To me, the selective JPEG compression and the pop-up menu creator are certainly worth the upgrade price.’
      • ‘The form must be created by a program, rather than written as a static document, because it displays pop-up menus of catalogs and items from the database tables.’
      • ‘The program software loaded smoothly and I began working my way through the first couple of tutorials to get a feel for the program and an understanding of how the pop-up menus work.’
      • ‘In the dialog box that appears after you choose Properties from the pop-up menu, you'll see a field called Target.’
      • ‘This object-based context sensitivity is now widely used in mouse-driven pop-up menus, pull-down menus, and all dialog boxes.’
      • ‘By right-clicking on a user image, you will find a pop-up menu with several communication methods, along with an information selection.’
  • 2Denoting a store or other business that opens quickly in a temporary location and is intended to operate for only a short period of time.

    ‘fashion brands have been especially keen on pop-up stores in recent months’
    • ‘The company has opened pop-up shops in towns that have no entertainment stores following the demise of Woolworths and Zavvi.’
    • ‘On Wednesday, August 26th, Third Man Records will be hosting the opening of the Third Man Records and Novelties West pop-up shop in downtown Los Angeles.’
    • ‘We were at Knox City today, Princess and me, and we saw a (deserted) pop-up shop, spruiking Peregrine Heights as being "Ferntree Gully's premiere address".’
    • ‘Be it bars, restaurants or shops, pop-up or temporary venues are increasingly being used to reach customers guerrilla-style-and, crucially, without breaking the bank.’
    • ‘Pop-up stores have become a hot trend in retail.’
    • ‘Details about product "drops" and new pop-up stores typically circulate by word of mouth, and on online forums and blogs.’
    • ‘From pod hotels to pop-up stores, sensory branding to the Scoubidou craze, the recent pace of invention has been extraordinary.’
    • ‘Underhill does not see the novelty fading quite yet - growing media buzz makes pop-up retail a smart investment, he says, and electronics firms are likely to be next at the party.’
    • ‘The pop-up shop will offer the latest styles from the sandal brand (SRP $18-32), along with a weekend-only "Make Your Own Havaianas" customization bar.’
    • ‘It was one of the best sales from a campus pop-up store ever, " says Dent.’
    • ‘Far from a failed attempt at a new retail format, it was a "pop-up" shop with a planned 30-day life - and a purpose.’
    • ‘The mobile Champagne bar, referred to as a "pop-up store" in marketing circles - was created to help publicize its brand.’
    • ‘In April, after six weeks of planning and scouting locations, the founders launched a pop-up store for Faith & Fortune on a main drag in Beverly.’
    • ‘That's why when you drive by the pop-up Halloween shops they look very garish.’
    • ‘"Pop-up stores recognise one of the sad realities of fashion retailing - that you're only hot for so long," Underhill says.’
    • ‘It is the fifth "pop-up shop" held by the foundation.’


  • 1A pop-up picture in a book.

    • ‘It is a beautifully illustrated pop-up with a new slant on the children's classic.’
    • ‘Part of the design aspect of the books included pop-ups.’
    • ‘With its glitter and glare, pop-ups within pop-ups, you're guaranteed to fall for this grand book.’
    • ‘Not too many big words, cute illustrations, and maybe a few colorful pop-ups slapped between two covers, and voila!’
    • ‘The map is not eccentric enough - in the sense of it not ‘standing out’ like a pop-up.’
    • ‘Around the margins of each spread are smaller ‘books,’ which in turn contain more dinosaur-related pop-ups.’
    • ‘Young children love to join in, so look for books with flaps, tabs, pop-ups, peep-holes, textures to feel and questions to answer.’
    1. 1.1 A book containing pop-up pictures.
      • ‘It was like I had been transported into a story book, like… like the ones with pop-ups that I used to love so much.’
  • 2Baseball

    see pop (sense 4 of the noun)
  • 3Computing
    A pop-up menu or other utility.

    • ‘On a mobile device, usability is key when there is so little time or functionality for fiddling with menus, pop-ups or mousing around.’
    • ‘Always remember to shut down the card using the pop-up in the Menu bar before you pull it out.’
    • ‘I appreciated the tutorial aspect of the first mission: it gave little reminders of what needed to be done next without disrupting the game with too many pop-ups.’
    • ‘A reminder, much like a pop-up, then prompts the doctor to advise the patient of the opportunity.’
    • ‘It has added pop-up, hierarchical content menus, a key feature of the menu, to its folders.’
    • ‘Just in case you use sites that require pop-ups for security purposes, such as a banking site, you can configure the toolbar to react to specific addresses and let the pop-up through if necessary.’
    1. 3.1 An unrequested browser window, especially one generated for the purpose of advertising.
      • ‘Adware is software that displays advertisements like banners and pop-ups on your computer.’
      • ‘Under new management, the company is dropping as far as possible graphical advertising, including pop-ups and so-called ‘skyscrapers’, which add clutter.’
      • ‘With no advertising pop-ups or spyware, your computer and your privacy will be safe so long as you don't download any dodgy files.’
      • ‘The pop-up advertising windows are a bit annoying though, and site navigation could be improved - it's a shame that there are no links from the artist pages into the catalogue.’
      • ‘There are even some providers who will offer free access if you are willing to surf the Internet with numerous pop-ups from their advertisers.’
      • ‘Spyware refers to a class of invasive program that generates pop-ups, hijacks user home pages or redirects searches in an attempt to either monitor user activity or bombard surfers with unwanted messages.’
  • 4A pop-up store.

    • ‘Years ago, you said, pop-ups were considered a place to test a new retail concept.’
    • ‘Those last two shops are retail pop-ups, on short leases for the holidays.’
    • ‘Some brands might not be ready to open a store and pop-ups offer a lot of flexibility.’



/ˈpäp ˌəp//ˈpɑp ˌəp/