Definition of poor little rich boy (or girl) in US English:

poor little rich boy (or girl)


  • A wealthy young person whose money brings them no contentment (often used as an expression of mock sympathy).

    • ‘Its titular heroine is a poor little rich girl, looking for, and ostensibly finding, Mr Right in Vienna during the declining years of the Austro-Hungarian empire.’
    • ‘I have my usual conflicting beliefs with the ‘poor little rich boys ' part.’
    • ‘And then there's Hadley, the quintessential poor little rich girl, happy in her material world but vacant everywhere else.’
    • ‘My favourite is Shannon, the poor little rich girl (yet to get her own backstory).’
    • ‘People may have thought it seemed like it was complaining on our parts - because people looked at us like poor little rich girls who have all this money and are celebrities and yet are complaining about not getting more work.’
    • ‘And god, I wanted to be the poor little rich girl.’
    • ‘In response to both mentalities, however, America turns out to be a poor little rich girl who needs nothing more than the real virility of Australia or the real domesticity of England.’
    • ‘I played Aleisha Smiler, who was more or less a poor little rich girl.’
    • ‘After Jemima's decision to complain publicly about her lifestyle, it is easy to brand her a poor little rich girl.’
    • ‘Were her actions not described with such painful clarity and raw truthfulness, it would be easy to dismiss Millie and her angst as the story of another poor little rich girl, playing a dangerous game in a world where she doesn't belong.’