Definition of poolroom in English:


(also pool hall)


North American
  • A commercial establishment where pool or billiard games are played.

    • ‘When she was done, Ms. Marone showed her around, there was an arcade room, a poolroom, a workroom, a computer room, and a library room.’
    • ‘After his game began to progress, he started to play at a local poolroom about 15 minutes from his home.’
    • ‘‘So much for sleeping’ Faith mouthed smiling as they finally made it to the poolroom.’
    • ‘Webb discovered her knack for winning when she picked up a cue at age 8, in her father's poolroom just outside Atlanta.’
    • ‘Leil Gay, more commonly known as JR, grew up around billiards as his father used to sell merchandise to poolrooms when JR was very young.’
    • ‘Thus knowing in the back of his mind that he would one day own a poolroom, he would visit hot spot billiard rooms (upwards of three hundred) when out of town.’
    • ‘The nightclub and poolroom came after the partners took over a former appliance center next door.’
    • ‘And it scores high in the three attributes that separate the good from the great poolrooms: quality of equipment, style of décor and respect for the game.’
    • ‘She also brings a little civilization to the poolrooms we visit - the men's language cleans up and they act more like gentlemen when she is in the room.’
    • ‘Put it by your table at home, or use a pocket size pad you can take to the bar or poolroom.’
    • ‘As a result, black businesses were typically small service sector activities such as dressmaking, poolrooms, grocery stores, restaurants and barbershops.’
    • ‘So he took her on a Columbus tour of every poolroom he could find.’
    • ‘The right pool table lights can give your poolroom that ambiance of casual elegance or rustic charm that you desire as well as providing the lighting necessary to play your best game of pool.’
    • ‘As they ran out of the poolroom, Jarret hoped they'd find Tina in the staff room, sitting drinking coffee and reading a magazine.’
    • ‘The case has a handle, for those who would like to take their balls to the poolroom and play with the best possible equipment.’
    • ‘Now I was in the poolroom of my parents' home on Argon.’
    • ‘About the only positive note to the hours I kept was being able to take advantage of the discount rate the poolroom gave during the day’
    • ‘He can name five pool halls in Louisville where he made serious nine-ball money until, at age 16, ‘I decided there was no future in a poolroom.’’
    • ‘Looking around the poolroom, you'll see this a lot - players thinking they have to elevate to keep from miscuing.’
    • ‘It was a good solid poolroom, but strange because it opened at 8: 00 AM every morning.’