Definition of Pontic in US English:



  • Relating to ancient Pontus.

    • ‘There are also regional dialects, of which Pontic Greek may be the most distinctive.’
    • ‘A people who lived in the Pontic region (north-east of the Black Sea) from the 7th to 3rd century bc, the Scythians have left little in written record but a rich archaeological heritage displays their military tradition.’
    • ‘Herodotus found the practice among the Pontic Scythians, and, according to the Maccabees, the ancient Persians tore away the scalp of one of their prisoners.’
    • ‘In May, the Guardian newspaper exposed an April 23 order from the Home Office, which allowed discrimination against Kurds, Roma, Albanians, Tamils, Pontic Greeks, Somalis, and Afghanis on ‘grounds of ethnic or national origin’.’
    • ‘My father is a mixture of Smyrnaic and Pontic Greek and the Pontic Greeks were exterminated by the Turks.’