Definition of ponderable in US English:



  • Having appreciable weight or significance.

    • ‘Two years later these soul supporters of the Chinook formed the Chinook Owners Association and dedicated themselves to reviving Walden's ponderable vision.’
    • ‘It is a dense and ponderable epic with Stipe asking: ‘I used to think as birds take wing/they sing through life, so why can't we?’’
    • ‘To me the strangest aspect of randomness is its role as a link between the world of mathematical abstraction and the universe of ponderable matter and energy.’
    • ‘Thanks for your excellent site, which provides enough ponderable reading to have my brother ‘addicted’ to science, and keeps him from doing work all week.’
    • ‘On the contrary, it made the future less ponderable than it had been since the 1930s.’


Mid 17th century: from late Latin ponderabilis, from ponderare ‘weigh, reflect on’ (see ponder).