Definition of Ponca in US English:



  • 1A member of a Siouan people formerly inhabiting northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota.

    • ‘The ‘escaped’ Poncas were arrested and destined for a forced return to Oklahoma until sympathizers initiated litigation aimed at freeing them.’
    • ‘The Sioux made annual raids on the Ponca until the enforced removal of the tribe to Indian Territory took place in 1877.’
  • 2The Siouan language of the Ponca, related to Omaha.

    • ‘But if you understand Ponca you know that's not what they're saying.’
    • ‘He wore braids and learned to speak Ponca.’


  • Relating to the Ponca or their language.

    • ‘On the central Plains are found the Omaha, Osage, Ponca, Kansa, and Quapaw languages; in Wisconsin one finds the Winnebago language; on the Gulf Coast are the Tutelo, Ofo, and Biloxi languages; and in the Southeast one finds Catawba.’
    • ‘Sue Carlisle is an enrolled member of the Ponca tribe and now lives with her husband in Toronto, Ontario.’
    • ‘After being removed to Indian Territory in Oklahoma in 1877, a group of Ponca Indians led by Standing Bear sought to return to their homelands in northern Nebraska.’
    • ‘Sue Carlisle, a member of the Ponca tribe, spent much of her youth on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.’
    • ‘Likewise, Proctor's contemporary, Charles Schreyvogel, selected for his only Indian portrait the revered Ponca chief White Eagle.’


The name in Ponca.