Definition of polywater in US English:



  • A supposed polymeric form of water having properties markedly different from ordinary water and reputedly discovered in fine capillary tubes. These properties were later found to be the result of impurities.

    • ‘In both polywater and N-rays, science nicely corrected itself, as it was designed to do.’
    • ‘The reason I gave last week for the error that created the false scientific ‘discovery’ known as ‘polywater’ - the inadvertent presence of detergents on lab glassware - turns out to be somewhat more complicated than that.’
    • ‘Good scientists, however, do not carry faith too far and, like Boris Deryagin, the discoverer of polywater, sometimes have to admit error or abandon a cherished theory.’
    • ‘N-rays, polywater, and cold fusion each have their own comprehensive chapters.’
    • ‘As I read his descriptions of polywater and ‘remembering water,’ I wondered aloud, ‘Why aren't these New Age folks grateful for the genuinely wondrous properties of water without which we would not be alive today?’’


1960s: from poly- + water.