Definition of polypoid in US English:



  • 1Zoology
    Relating to or resembling a polyp or hydra.

    • ‘In its microstructure and gross anatomy, Hyolithelius is most similar to Byronia and to thecae of polypoid coronalids.’
    • ‘These attributes are obliterated when it undergoes metamorphosis into a sessile polypoid adult.’
    • ‘Byronia is most similar to thecae of polypoid coronalids, an extant group of scyphozoans that have been allied with conulariids.’
    • ‘For the reasons outlined above in the first paragraph and explained in more detail in Van Iten et al., we here interpret Sphenothallus as a thecate polypoid cnidarian whose systematic position within this phylum is uncertain.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting the polyp stage in the life cycle of a coelenterate.
      Compare with medusoid
      Also called hydroid
      • ‘The polypoid stage represents the asexual phase of its life cycle.’
      • ‘A life cycle including both polypoid and medusoid phases that can be separate in space and scarcely overlapping in time characterizes many hydrozoans and most scyphozoans.’
  • 2Medicine
    (of a growth) resembling or in the form of a polyp.

    • ‘At the time of cholecystectomy, the gallbladder was noted to have a thickened wall and a polypoid mass arising in the neck of the gallbladder.’
    • ‘Laryngoscopy revealed a polypoid lesion implanting on the anterior aspect of the subglottic cone.’
    • ‘Physical examination revealed a pedunculated polypoid mass measuring 0.5 cm in greatest dimension involving the midanterior two thirds of the right tongue blade.’
    • ‘By sigmoidoscopy, a submucosal ovoid polypoid mass measuring about 2 cm in greatest dimension was identified at 4 cm above the anal verge.’
    • ‘Physical examination revealed a polypoid lesion at the right margin of the tongue.’