Definition of polymerize in English:



  • Combine or cause to combine to form a polymer.

    • ‘Glucose loses two water molecules and rearranges to form hydroxymethyl furfural, which polymerizes into brown pigments that add flavor and color to the candy.’
    • ‘They are then treated with a reacting compound that causes the molecules to polymerize and change the color of hair.’
    • ‘Bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates produces lactic acid, and this in turn can be chemically polymerised to a high molecular weight PLA polyester.’
    • ‘The principal reason for this is the unsaturated nature of the alkene that allows the double bond to polymerize and to participate in many other reactions that the saturated alkanes cannot.’
    • ‘These unsaturated hydrocarbons are readily oxidised and polymerised, which can reduce the oil's shelf life.’