Definition of polygenism in US English:



  • The doctrine of polygeny.

    ‘the problem of polygenism and the dogma of original sin’
    • ‘In the context of this militant polygenism of 1854-57, the new anthropology professor Quatrefages accepted a version of black perfectibility.’
    • ‘Louis Aggasiz, for example, a Harvard biologist and opponent of evolution, was the foremost American expositor of polygenism, the notion that each race was a separate biological species.’
    • ‘Broca argued that the anthropologists could debate monogenism or polygenism without extraneous preoccupations.’
    • ‘The tradition of anti-clerical skepticism even allowed geographers like Vivien to cry scientific freedom so polygenism could challenge the religious constraints of a Prichard.’
    • ‘The authority of the Scriptures was still great: the case for polygenism, put forward most famously by Henry Home, Lord Kames, met with widespread outrage.’