Definition of polyanthus in English:



  • A herbaceous flowering plant that is a complex hybrid between the wild primrose and primulas, cultivated in Europe since the 17th century.

    • ‘I found periwinkles and primroses in full flower, bluebells, just coming along nicely thank you, grape hyacinths, and polyanthus.’
    • ‘And there are planters full of winter and spring bulbs to be repositioned, along with troughs containing flowering polyanthus, showing the first signs of bud already.’
    • ‘And everywhere I look there are primulas and polyanthus showing their bright little flowers.’
    • ‘But the polyanthus are the ones that I'm finding irresistible.’
    • ‘The polyanthus are among the earliest primroses in bloom; put them to work giving color power to the season's first outdoor container plantings.’
    • ‘We motored over to the garden centre for winter flowering pansies and polyanthus.’
    • ‘Divide primula and polyanthus after flowering, and move any that are badly placed.’
    • ‘BDA have a limited number of potted polyanthus and primrose plants in full bloom for sale.’
    • ‘Golden Tears - a yellow trailing eschscholtzia or California poppy, suitable as ground cover or for a hanging basket - was also bred by T&M, as was Discovering Stripes, a striking darkly striped polyanthus.’
    • ‘Most gardeners know - and grow - primroses and polyanthus.’
    • ‘Even on the most dismal of wet, windy days the quality of O'Meara's stock is apparent, from the dazzling display of winter colour polyanthus and camellias to the serried rows of bushes and trees, both bare-rooted and in containers.’
    • ‘A sale of primrose and polyanthus will take place after 8 p.m. Mass on Saturday evening and Sunday morning in aid of the Graves Memorial Fund.’
    • ‘The polyanthus have been flowering since, ooh, October-ish, but the tiny narcissi began to bloom at the weekend.’
    • ‘Auriculas and polyanthus should be lifted, divided and replanted as they go out of flower.’
    • ‘The bright polyanthus around the edge of the grass were looking vulnerable.’
    • ‘We have one pansy and a single polyanthus in bloom at home right now, a very poor showing, so I relished the massed blooms.’
    • ‘There might have been dark clouds overhead but on the ground the magnificent colours of the hundreds of daffodils, grape hyacinths and polyanthus helped to dispel the gloom.’
    • ‘Especially as I look out the conservatory window at my garden at the moment; there are a few pansies, violas and polyanthus making a supreme effort but generally my garden looks decrepit.’
    • ‘Other jobs include dividing primulas and polyanthus once they have finished flowering.’
    • ‘The pansies and polyanthus we've already planted seem to be tough little blighters, not much at risk.’


Early 18th century: modern Latin, from poly- many + Greek anthos flower.