Definition of political geography in English:

political geography


  • The branch of geography that deals with the boundaries, divisions, and possessions of countries.

    • ‘The political geography may be difficult for American audiences to grasp, but the questions of family and responsibility are universal.’
    • ‘Plans for economic expansion inevitably had sectarian implications, given the religious and political geography of the region.’
    • ‘Armchair experts playing the running-mate game tend to lavish inordinate attention on political geography.’
    • ‘Second, the fragmented political geography of Europe means that many short-haul flights in the region are international.’
    • ‘For nearly two hundred years the cotton plantation has been a defining feature of the southern landscape, yet remarkably few studies of the institution have focused on its economic, social, and political geography.’
    • ‘The field is comprised of many areas of study, including political geography, economic development, demographics, cultural landscapes, and human-environmental interactions.’
    • ‘Within the confines of this limitation, the book successfully runs the reader through the history of US presidential elections - a process that must be one of the purest examples of political geography in action.’
    • ‘Financial geography and economic geography no longer coincided with political geography.’
    • ‘They were to live as free people while teaching the English the art of tropical agriculture and regional political geography.’
    • ‘Some analysts from both parties would agree that the Democratic party is facing difficulties with the nation's political geography.’
    • ‘Important as physical geography was, however, other factors shaped political geography.’
    • ‘At the same time, however, those loyalties are strongly inflected, almost from the outset, by awareness of a questionable place within the larger social and political geography of England.’
    • ‘They fear that the red-blue political geography of the country could become imprinted on the national psyche for years to come, squelching hopes for bipartisan cooperation in governing the country.’
    • ‘Then we see the conflation of the two different realms of human experience, political geography and metapsychology; and the displacement of the one set of structures for the other.’
    • ‘What's needed next are exhibitions that look beyond political geography to show the affinities shared by artists no longer separated - or defined - by the Wall.’
    • ‘To understand this answer we must study the philosophy of the history of the world, especially in reference to political geography - the various lands and countries.’
    • ‘There is room for informed reflection on this sort of political geography but I am left with little hope this will put an end to the bigoted slave state comparison maps posted by a legion of sore losers.’
    • ‘But otherwise ethnic designations were of little use in describing the complicated political geography of Italy.’
    • ‘By drawing on the form of the map, therefore, the novel necessarily engages a specific cultural and political geography of Anglo-Irish relations.’
    • ‘We had to accept the fact that we were contacting people who may not be registered and we would know nothing about their voting history nor about their political geography.’


political geography

/pəˈlɪdəkəl dʒɪˈɑɡrəfi/