Definition of politeness in US English:



  • Behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.

    ‘he always treated me with the utmost politeness’
    count noun ‘the daily politenesses of pleases and thank yous’
    • ‘Tchaikovsky was the model of gentility—his voice was gentle, his manners of the most perfect politeness.’
    • ‘I am sure you'll be amazed by the support crew's politeness.’
    • ‘Few people like to cause offence, particularly in business, which suffers from a suffocating politeness.’
    • ‘The pointless poses of the last farewells pass into the ice of politeness like the smooth insides of a purse.’
    • ‘Maybe out of a sense of politeness which these women must observe, the audience did not get angry.’
    • ‘The two candidates are said not to like one another much, despite their studied politeness during most of the primaries.’
    • ‘She had come to resent his jokes, his politeness—things she had once enjoyed about him.’
    • ‘He was moody and unwilling to make the usual politenesses.’
    • ‘The conventional politenesses of each relationship are interspersed with hurt, power play, and gloating.’
    • ‘Hyperinflation is inflation that has burst the bounds of politeness.’
    courtesy, civility, respect, deference, good breeding, manners, good manners, chivalry, gallantry, gentility, cultivation, grace, urbanity
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