Definition of policewoman in US English:



  • A female member of a police force.

    • ‘Having been told that everyone brought to the station was searched, she struck a policewoman.’
    • ‘One member of my union had been a policewoman before she became a teacher.’
    • ‘The police force often assigns cases involving violence against women to policewomen, denying policemen the opportunity to understand women's experience with violence.’
    • ‘We assume that the woman wearing a police uniform is a policewoman, or that the woman wearing a nurse's uniform is a nurse.’
    • ‘He uses policemen and policewomen as pawns in a little Treasury game between himself and the Minister of Transport, whilst he sends his officers out there to collect revenue by issuing 27 percent more traffic tickets.’
    • ‘His research shows that two-thirds of policewomen above the rank of constable do not have children.’
    • ‘Right now, New Zealanders know that if they need the police, the policemen and policewomen of New Zealand will do their level best to provide the sort of service they want, but that those people are under incredible staffing pressure.’
    • ‘I'm a policewoman with Dumfries and Galloway constabulary, so I'm used to doing driving courses and being around cars.’
    • ‘Because the effect of inflation has pushed the wages and salaries of policemen and policewomen into a higher bracket.’
    • ‘Many commentators have argued that the unequal employment and promotion of policewomen is important not only as an issue of justice, but to dilute the machismo element in police culture, which has been seen as an important source of abuse.’
    • ‘Then in 1967 policewomen started training at the Metropolitan Police School.’
    • ‘The policewoman asked for some documentary evidence.’
    • ‘At that point a team of seven policewomen with special training on how to deal with vulnerable victims of sex offences was assigned to the case.’
    • ‘As we headed out for a run this afternoon we noticed that the pavement directly next to my gate had been cordoned off and there was a policeman and a policewoman standing guard over it.’
    • ‘I see both policewomen busy doing the same, and the danger becomes even more real.’
    • ‘As a forensic policewoman she was continually exposed to disturbing crime scenes and it eventually became too much.’
    • ‘I opened the door with my hands in the air and four big policemen and two policewomen came in.’
    • ‘Witnesses who watched the chaos unfold described horrific scenes as emergency services tried to save the lives of the two policewomen.’
    • ‘Women could be detectives, but not policewomen - or successful criminals.’
    • ‘A drug addict burglar tried to strangle a policewoman during an attempt to escape from Basingstoke police station.’