Definition of police officer in English:

police officer


  • A policeman or policewoman.

    • ‘He has been under effective house arrest for almost a year now, guarded by four police officers.’
    • ‘When police officers go to homes which have been burgled, they will take these packs with them.’
    • ‘Investigations are continuing and police officers are in talks with local schools.’
    • ‘One of Bolton's top police officers has left the town to become head of the force in Bury.’
    • ‘We are looking to have a physical barrier, whether it is a fence or a ring of police officers has yet to be decided.’
    • ‘He stated that he had not spoken to the police officers prior to the arrest of the Appellants.’
    • ‘What is wrong with having a distinction between police staff and police officers?’
    • ‘The police officers on patrol saw the car weave at least five times across the centre of the road.’
    • ‘Three police officers were present at the arrest, and we have a statement from each of them.’
    • ‘Her mother and two police officers were there, as she had been reported missing.’
    • ‘Local police officers attended and gave away colouring books and crayons to children.’
    • ‘Nationwide, complaints about police officers rose for the first time in four years.’
    • ‘Something else is that police officers can get away with things which the public can't.’
    • ‘The police officers will also patrol the nearby villages of Steeton and Eastburn.’
    • ‘A man identified by four police officers as the Appellant opened the door and invited her in.’
    • ‘I will work to prevent police officers from filling forms in every time they stop somebody.’
    • ‘The police officers are, if anything, a little bored when the first action occurs.’
    • ‘Certainly there was no discussion of any kind as to what action the police officers should take.’
    • ‘He was found unconscious in an armchair by police officers who had called at the couple's home.’
    • ‘He was thwarted because the searching police officers had bolted the door from the inside.’
    policeman, policewoman, officer of the law, law enforcement agent, law enforcement officer, officer
    patrolman, trooper, roundsman, peace officer
    kotwal, jawan
    cop, jack, uniform
    copper, bobby, rozzer, busy, bizzy, plod, pc plod
    walloper, demon
    flatfoot, bogey, flattie, woodentop
    peeler, runner, bluebottle, finger
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