Definition of polemically in US English:



  • See polemical

    • ‘The collection itself does little to historically contextualize its various essays - a lacuna that, at times, makes its arguments appear polemically strident and dated.’
    • ‘The ‘alternate’ view point is often from some conservative Democrat, usually outnumbered and usually less knowledgeable than the polemically astute right wing pundits.’
    • ‘Those words on the wall popped out at me in relation to August, what he was trying to describe in his plays, never polemically, but in the language and the hearts of the people he knew, these people sitting in the hall.’
    • ‘And when challenged to explain his prejudice, he could not defend his argument, either ideologically, polemically or academically.’
    • ‘It is polemically pursuing a particular idea of history.’