Definition of pole piece in English:

pole piece


  • A mass of iron forming the end of an electromagnet, through which the lines of magnetic force are concentrated and directed.

    • ‘We think we might have to further adjust the shape of the pole pieces.’
    • ‘In MBFA, a cell surface-attached magnetic bead is subjected to a high gradient magnetic field generated by the sharpened pole piece of an electromagnet.’
    • ‘When possible, the current in the electromagnet coil was reduced to zero at the end of the experiment so that the bead and induced neurite would only experience force due to the remanent magnetization of the pole piece.’
    • ‘The magnetic rotational position sensor includes a magnetic circuit formed by a peripherally interrupted outer pole piece defining an air gap and a magnet disposed within the air gap to generate a magnetic field.’
    • ‘A system of six vertical electromagnets with their pole pieces arranged in a hexagonal pattern is placed just above the capillary tube.’