Definition of polar axis in US English:

polar axis


  • The axis of an equatorially mounted telescope which is at right angles to the declination axis and parallel to the earth's axis of rotation, about which the telescope is turned to follow the apparent movement of celestial objects resulting from the earth's rotation.

    • ‘During his 1979-1982 transglobe expedition - the first surface journey undertaken around the earth's polar axis - he worked closely with the university's physics department to record radiowaves from the Earth's magnetosphere.’
    • ‘The Coriolis effect depends on a change in the distance from the Earth's polar axis as mass moves in a north/south direction.’
    • ‘Because the tilt of Mars's polar axis dips as much as 60 [degrees] every million years or so, some of this ice could have been liquid in the not-so-distant past.’
    • ‘Mars' polar axis wobbles in space, and therefore there are times when it was warmer than it is now.’
    • ‘And that's assuming that the whole thing can be measured on a simple polar axis, which I think is highly unlikely.’