Definition of Pokémon in US English:


(also Pokemon)


  • 1mass noun A series of Japanese video games and related media such as trading cards and television programs, featuring cartoon monsters that are captured by players and trained to battle each other.

    ‘if you grew up in the '90s you'll remember spending all your time playing Pokémon’
    • ‘‘After kids come up with a strategy to catch a Pokemon, they then have to train and nurture it as it evolves,’ she says.’
    • ‘In the Pokemon TV series, as soon as you capture a Pokemon, it somehow becomes loyal to you.’
    • ‘When a Pokemon is hit three times with the ball, it is captured.’
    1. 1.1count noun Any of the monster characters featured in Pokémon video games and related media.
      ‘players can encounter every single known Pokémon in the game—all 720 of them!’


1990s: from the name of the Japanese video game Pokémon, abbreviation of Poketto Monsutā, Japanese transcription of English pocket monster.