Definition of poke one's nose into in English:

poke one's nose into


  • Take an intrusive interest in.

    • ‘At home he has always poked his nose into everything that was going on and we are all mad about him’
    • ‘If we don't help, we're sitting by, being selfish; if we help too much, we're poking our nose into somebody else's business.’
    • ‘I could have trammed up to the river or down to the beach, but both seemed a little too far away today, so I wandered aimlessly in semi-suburbia, poking my nose into odd shops and leaving without buying anything.’
    • ‘Assuming that my regular schoolwork doesn't kill me, I'll see what I can poke my nose into as far as mysterious magical mischief makers go.’
    • ‘You can poke your nose into other people's business, usually without getting it punched.’
    • ‘Also we tend not to get involved in some of the ‘intra-blog battles’ that rage across the web but they can be illuminating sometimes and are often fun to poke your nose into now and then.’
    • ‘I don't poke my nose into other people's business.’
    • ‘It's also possible to go round the old manor house, to poke your nose into all the barns and have a look at the old farm equipment.’
    • ‘Oddly enough, though, he has something in common with the foreigner who owns much of the British media - he pokes his nose into the country's politics from thousands of miles away!’
    • ‘He had poked his nose into all her private affairs from the start, so why shouldn't she return the compliment?’
    pry into, interfere in, nose around in, intrude on, butt into, meddle with, tamper with
    snoop into
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