Definition of Poisson distribution in English:

Poisson distribution


  • A discrete frequency distribution that gives the probability of a number of independent events occurring in a fixed time.

    • ‘The Poisson distribution provides a statistical description of the number of enzymes in the droplet.’
    • ‘In this he was the first to note that events with low frequency in a large population followed a Poisson distribution even when the probabilities of the events varied.’
    • ‘Because of the extreme non-normality of these scores, we used a statistical test for two Poisson distributions.’
    • ‘Note that the numbers of mutations and gene conversion events per generation follow Poisson distributions.’
    • ‘By using recurrence relations for the probability distributions, they show that in several cases the numbers of homozygous and heterozygous loci have independent Poisson distributions.’


Named after the French mathematical physicist Siméon-Denis Poisson( 1781–1840).


Poisson distribution

/pwäˈsän ˌdistrəˌbyo͞oSH(ə)n/