Definition of Poisson's ratio in US English:

Poisson's ratio


  • The ratio of the proportional decrease in a lateral measurement to the proportional increase in length in a sample of material that is elastically stretched.

    • ‘The matrix was assigned a Poisson's ratio of v = 0.49, as were the cells in simulations requiring this.’
    • ‘It will observed that the natural period is a function of the aspect ratio r and the Poisson's ratio, n.’
    • ‘A linear statics analysis, for example, will require an elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio and perhaps a density for each material.’
    • ‘The parameters investigated are the ratio of shear modulus, ratio of shear wave velocity, the thickness of the top layer, material damping ratio and Poisson's ratio.’
    • ‘Most strain models assume ideal incompressible materials with a Poisson's ratio of 0.5.’


Poisson's ratio

/pwäˌsänz ˈrāSHō/