Definition of poison gas in US English:

poison gas


  • Poisonous gas or vapor, used especially to disable or kill an enemy in warfare.

    • ‘Critics have said the Vatican had no business honouring a monarch who commanded troops who used poison gas in the conflict.’
    • ‘That was what was meant by a war in the age of the machine gun, heavy artillery, airplanes and the deadly poison gas.’
    • ‘How could he describe the horrors of learning that large groups of people had been murdered by poison gas, while thinking they were showering?’
    • ‘Even though his rescue teams presumed there might be poison gas, they rushed in anyway, certain their gear would protect them.’
    • ‘In 1925 the Geneva Protocol prohibiting the use (but not the manufacture and stockpiling) of poison gas was signed.’
    • ‘Later on, I found out that poison gas wasn't even new to them.’
    • ‘From an individual's perspective, poison gas only multiplied the horrors of trench warfare.’
    • ‘In other words, poison gas was the answer for the war's lack of mobility.’
    • ‘This included the strategic bombing of Halifax and first-strike use of poison gas, if necessary.’
    • ‘He had one problem we were happy not to have faced - poison gas.’
    • ‘All that was lacking to make the scene a replica of modern ‘Christian’ warfare was poison gas.’
    • ‘Along with machine guns and poison gas, artillery guns played a prominent part in the trenches especially at battles such as the Somme and Verdun.’
    • ‘So that's why we can breathe fine here without worrying about poison gas and fallout?’
    • ‘In the 1930s the Italian fascists under Mussolini waged a brutal war against Ethiopia, using poison gas and aerial bombardment.’
    • ‘The last Pope with that name guided the Roman Catholic Church during the First World War, espousing neutrality and denouncing the use of poison gas.’
    • ‘The latest delay caused by the discovery that a company involved in the project helped produce poison gas for Nazi death camps.’
    • ‘Inside these rented storage units, Federal agents discovered the chemicals and plans used for making the same poison gas once used by prison death chambers.’
    • ‘In the remaining years of the war it showed itself in the production of such major weapons as poison gas, tanks, and aeroplanes.’
    • ‘Although people talk about poison gas I don't care about it.’
    • ‘The reference in press reports to poison gas played upon people's fears about chemical weapons following horrific accounts of how such weapons had been used in the First World War.’


poison gas

/ˈpoizn ɡas/