Definition of pointy-headed in English:



North American
derogatory, informal
  • Intellectual; expert.

    ‘some pointy-headed college professor’
    • ‘Get those pointy-headed Washington bureaucrats off our backs and off our fronts too!’
    • ‘Score one for real people against the pointy-headed atheistic intellectuals (who have apparently declared war on the rest of us).’
    • ‘Does this mean the general public is smarter about the nation's financial health than a roomful of pointy-headed economists?’
    • ‘After all, these views come from people in your town, not pointy-headed pundits far away in Washington.’
    • ‘Like jocks, the policymakers laugh at the pointy-headed intellectuals who think they know how to draft good laws and negotiate with foreign governments.’
    • ‘Children are being turned off chemistry and physics by the mad professors and pointy-headed boffins of popular mythology, according to a new study of attitudes to science.’
    • ‘Cambridge has a long and valiant history in spawning pointy-headed rocket scientists, as well as a shorter but no-less valiant track record in trying to turn their ideas into viable products and businesses.’
    • ‘Anytime a Democrat tries to point out that life is more complicated than this, he is accused of being a pointy-headed intellectual, or unpatriotic or worse.’
    • ‘I hope this has been an interesting story, and scholarly enough for the most pointy-headed reader.’
    • ‘Much useful and interesting information was presented by the pointy-headed intellectuals at last weekend's annual conference of the Political Science Association of Ireland in Limerick.’
    • ‘To look insightful you have to find some way to turn things around on those pointy-headed scientist types.’
    • ‘I fear real life jurors would respond to such an argument by dismissing it as bookish, the stuff of pointy-headed intellectuals.’
    • ‘Who among us dares love those pointy-headed bureaucrats in Washington?’
    • ‘But cheer up, Dan, maybe one a these days all you pointy-headed, liberal, media fellers will see the light.’
    • ‘Partly it was the fault of pointy-headed left-wing pundits, who used it to shout down people whose arguments they didn't like.’
    • ‘She was pretty and popular, a twirler, and much cooler by several cool points than yours truly the queen of the pointy-headed nerds.’
    • ‘Sounds like those pointy-headed Washington types are trying to force their values on me.’
    • ‘This is literally an economic miracle, even if the pointy-headed people employed at considerable expense by the NESC will not face the fact.’
    • ‘I mean, they called us the pointy-headed liberal establishment and attacked us in every conceivable way.’
    • ‘Even the most pointy-headed of us tend to work faster and make fewer mistakes in our firewall policies if we can construct rules with the aid of visual cues and reminders.’
    learned, erudite, academic, well read, widely read, intellectual, literary, lettered, well educated, knowledgeable, cultured, cultivated, highbrow
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