Definition of pointed arch in US English:

pointed arch


  • An arch with a pointed crown, characteristic of Gothic architecture.

    • ‘It was the Guest House, seen in the wavering heat haze up on its hillside, and at that distance it looked quite romantic, rather like an Eastern palace, with the pointed arches and a couple of minarets at the back.’
    • ‘Its Gothic Revival style, indicated by the upper window designed to resemble a medieval pointed arch, inspired the painting's title.’
    • ‘One hallmark of the Gothic revival is the pointed arch.’
    • ‘A second-story balcony is adorned with elaborate wrought-iron railings and windows framed by elongated pointed arches.’
    • ‘Brunelleschi realized correctly that a dome that size would but unstable (given the building materials of the day), so he designed a cupola that is eight pointed arches.’
    • ‘Glazed Moroccan tiles and mosaics embellish the rooms and pointed arches run throughout, in the doorways, chair-backs and bedheads.’
    • ‘These bluntly pointed arches created an open, airy feeling, perfect for the mild fall weather, while the steep roofs accentuated the diamond and triangular shapes found throughout the buildings' facades.’
    • ‘The main medieval style in western Europe, characterized by the pointed arch, slender columns and shafts, buttresses, pinnacles, and increasingly complex ceiling vaulting and window tracery.’
    • ‘The hexagonal belfry contains six louvers with pointed arches and is crowned by an octagonal lantern and a copper dome.’
    • ‘Like all mosques, it has tall doorways topped with pointed arches, and very lavishly decorated with carvings.’
    • ‘Salisbury cathedral, begun about 1220, is perhaps the finest example of the style, which is characterized by pointed arches, narrow lancet windows, and generally taller and architecturally lighter buildings.’
    • ‘Photos show the dilapidated state of the building with bricked-up windows, although its vaulted roof and nave lined with pointed arches are still in remarkable condition.’
    • ‘Another development that strengthened church buildings, was the use of pointed arches.’
    • ‘While not to sound overly gothic - which is ironic since I'm known for my ribbed vaults, pointed arches, and flying buttresses - exploring these dark frontiers of the human condition is of vital importance.’
    • ‘But its timeless serenity was achieved only after a struggle and because of the bloody-minded determination of two little-known architects who continued to believe in the pointed arch.’
    • ‘Landscape can demand decorum as effectively as dim light, pointed arches and pillared halls.’
    • ‘It consists of a unique mixture of seven slightly pointed arches and three fortified towers that served as a military defence for Cahors and the surrounding region.’
    • ‘The new building resembled a mediaeval cathedral with its pointed arches, ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses.’
    • ‘Thus a figure-ground dialogue emerges: from a structural viewpoint, the half-round arch is the figure, while the pointed arch becomes a figure only on account of the resultant void.’
    • ‘Nor were these all soaring, vertical lancets that ended, Gothic style, in pointed arches.’