Definition of point system in US English:

point system


  • A system for distributing or allocating resources or for ranking or evaluating candidates or claimants on the basis of points allocated or accumulated.

    • ‘The point system was evaluated among more than five thousand patients who were placed on the waiting list for bypass surgery between 1999 and 2003.’
    • ‘Before that tournament, the 32 players who were eligible to bowl in the Battle through a point system or a vote of fans were asked to choose a song that would help motivate them during competition.’
    • ‘David's mad about the Michigan point system, too.’
    • ‘It was an outline of the point system Canada uses to decide which of the many potential immigrants seeking to live there qualifies for a permanent resident visa.’
    • ‘If a perfect match is not possible, a kidney is allocated based on a point system.’
    • ‘Some colleges have introduced formal points systems to give ‘credits’ to pupils from poorly performing schools.’
    • ‘All the challenges were based on points systems awarded on communication, team working abilities, initiative, time management and leadership skills.’
    • ‘The university replaced the point system with a system that considers race but also requires essays and data about students' economic status in addition to academic credentials.’
    • ‘The University of Michigan evaluated its undergraduate applicants via a point system, which critics called a quota.’
    • ‘Some use a point system that gives you credit for mentioning an argument, others focus more on how skillfully you make the arguments.’
    • ‘Results are chalked up according to a point system which merely evaluates the complexity and level of performance of this or that exercise.’
    • ‘I thought they had a pretty good deal, but since they weren't reporting to me directly I never attempted to figure out how their point system worked.’
    • ‘The resource model combines a pre-game point system with an in-game resource system.’
    • ‘Some providers use a points systems, so even though high blood pressure, being overweight and having high cholesterol would not be enough separately, taken together little things add up and often make the difference.’
    • ‘This could be still taken into account with a bonus point system, to encourage teams to continue scoring or taking wickets instead of shutting up shop or going on the defensive.’
    • ‘Worse still, it's that kind of bureaucracy that makes it impossible for Third World applicants to come here even if they qualify under the point system.’
    • ‘Everyone is ranked according to a point system.’
    • ‘The new program is a point system based on uniform criteria, where the most attractive candidates are older, married, and enrolled in prison classes.’
    • ‘Pupils using a new smart - card system of payment for school meals will automatically be rewarded via a point system if they choose healthy things to eat from the school canteen.’
    • ‘At the University of Michigan undergraduate college, there was a point system in which each applicant had to earn over 100 points out of a possible 150 to be admitted.’