Definition of point of view in US English:

point of view


  • 1A particular attitude or way of considering a matter.

    ‘I'm trying to get Matthew to change his point of view’
    • ‘The editors reject any notion that the purpose of an election campaign is to have the broadest possible discussion of political issues, in which the clash of opposing points of view can educate public opinion.’
    • ‘Assuming a role of a communicator, he takes pride in looking at matters from a different point of view.’
    • ‘I propose to make use of a simple image to consider the alternative points of view.’
    • ‘My question is why people can't understand my point of view on the matter?’
    • ‘Considered from a psychological point of view, he must be appreciated as a pathological personality.’
    • ‘No matter what your point of view is, people are more important than plants and buildings.’
    • ‘Leader of the Council, Counc John Hanscomb, said the proposals had caused deep public concern, and all points of view should be considered.’
    • ‘If played with people who are not keen on presenting their points of view (no matter how faulty) then the game becomes pointless.’
    • ‘It is crucial to let both sides publicly express their opposing points of view.’
    • ‘I would encourage the dissemination of divergent points of view, no matter how scorned might be their purveyors.’
    • ‘I think that it is important to step back and see it from a different point of view when you are considering what to do.’
    • ‘Attitudes, points of view and belief systems need examining this week to see whether they're still relevant.’
    • ‘Also, who are you willing to discuss these questions with, and how will you consider all the different points of view seriously?’
    • ‘You don't consider her points of view and the way she carries herself to be overly dramatic, and exaggerated?’
    • ‘There are no shared truths, everything is a personal statement, a point of view, an attitude.’
    • ‘Having listened and considered the points of view presented within the panels, attendees were asked to select areas of interest that they would wish to deliberate.’
    • ‘Get opposite points of view and consider all options.’
    • ‘I'd be interested in having South-African and American points of view on this particular matter.’
    • ‘Arguments would be stalled just long enough for the protagonists to consider their opponents' points of view.’
    • ‘Consider the points of view of a pair of seasoned facility executives.’
    opinion, view, belief, attitude, feeling, sentiment, way of thinking, way of looking at it, thoughts, ideas
    position, perspective, viewpoint, standpoint, angle, slant, outlook, stand, stance, vantage point, side, frame of reference
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    1. 1.1 (in fictional writing) the narrator's position in relation to a story being told.
      ‘this story is told from a child's point of view’
      • ‘However, sophisticated readers have always been able to track and utilize rapidly changing points of view in print narratives.’
      • ‘He wanted her to write her entire life story from her own point of view just for him.’
      • ‘The voice of a work is not that of the author, but of the narrator, and this is separate from the point of view.’
      • ‘It seems to me you write a lot of stories from a female protagonist's point of view.’
      • ‘So when we reread the text we do so knowing that neither the characters' points of view nor the narrator's point of view is completely accurate, or all-encompassing.’
      • ‘He is the most thoughtful of his gang, and the story is told from his point of view.’
      • ‘It is a book written from a male point of view, with attitudes that many women will find repugnant.’
      • ‘The inner actions of the psychological beings of the narrator and protagonists are revealed by shifts of narrative points of view through first, second and third-person pronouns.’
      • ‘The author was diligent in her efforts to tell the story from the points of view of women in different social and economic classes and ethnic groups.’
      • ‘Levin's original touch was to narrate the story from the killer's point of view.’
      • ‘The tale is told from the alternating points of view from several of each side's significant participants.’
      • ‘The string of episodes that forms the book are perceived from the point of view of a child.’
      • ‘Moreover, the presentation of the story is complicated by shifts in points of view and layers of narration that are distinguished by acts of looking.’
      • ‘You can tell a story from the points of view of multiple characters.’
      • ‘I long to write a thriller or a romp or a story from the point of view of a woman or a gay Irishman.’
      • ‘The story unfolds from the point of view of those suffering the occupation.’
      • ‘The film is a creditable effort to tell an African story from the point of view of an African.’
      • ‘The result is a dynamic, shifting story that mixes points of view, exposing different but similar frustrations and insecurities.’
      • ‘Altman has deliberately attempted to frame the story from the point of view of the former.’
      • ‘Internally focalised prose is a story told from the point of view of a particular character.’
    2. 1.2 The position from which something or someone is observed.
      ‘certain aspects are not visible from a single point of view’
      • ‘One reason is that the Moon's proximity is such that the Earth's rotation results in slight but significantly different points of view from a single site across a 12-hour period.’
      position, perspective, viewpoint, standpoint, angle, slant, outlook, stand, stance, vantage point, side, frame of reference
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point of view

/pɔɪnt əv/