Definition of point-and-click in US English:



  • Denoting an interface in which the user points with a cursor and clicks on a mouse (or other input device) in order to initiate a function.

    • ‘Its graphical interface and point-and-click hypertext links made it easy to use.’
    • ‘Players move one or more characters around the screen in old-fashioned point-and-click fashion.’
    • ‘That is, it's a point-and-click adventure where you move a 3D character through 3D environments, and every so often the camera position changes to give you a different view of your surroundings.’
    • ‘Because it is a point-and-click interface, users do not need extensive knowledge of complex control algorithms.’
    • ‘This much larger graphic display area opens in full-screen mode, and employs a purely point-and-click interface.’



/ˌpoint ən ˈklik//ˌpɔɪnt ən ˈklɪk/