Definition of poignancy in English:



  • The quality of evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.

    ‘the pregnancy has a special poignancy for her family’
    • ‘The album isn't bad because it isn't distressing or painful, which one would expect from poignancy.’
    • ‘She delivered the long despairing monologue that closes the work with great poignancy.’
    • ‘It may be a history lesson but it is sure to portray with poignancy the humour, hurt, heartbreak and pain that they didn't teach us in the classroom.’
    • ‘What gives this wretched episode extra poignancy is the fact that the bandit commander's life had been saved by the Red Cross a year earlier.’
    • ‘His public funeral and the later memorial evening of performances by the company are described with heartbreaking poignancy.’
    pathos, sadness, pitifulness, piteousness, sorrow, mournfulness, wretchedness, misery, bitterness, pain, painfulness, distress, tragedy
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