Definition of poi in English:



  • A Hawaiian dish made from the fermented root of the taro, which has been baked and pounded to a paste.

    • ‘Aloha Diner brings Authentic Hawaiian dishes to the table with laulau (pork or chicken wrapped in taro leaves), lomi lomi salmon and poi.’
    • ‘After a morning of recollection and story telling, everyone gathered in the community centre for a feast of luau pig, rice and poi.’
    • ‘Surprised, Cody looked up from his sticky bowl of poi to find a pair of blue-uniformed legs on either side of him.’
    • ‘While its famous thick and juicy hamburgers remain a menu highlight, other items also win praise, like ahi katsu, shrimp tempura, laulau, poi, rice, macaroni salad, lomi salmon and kalua pig.’
    • ‘Japanese manju (sweet black bean pastry), Portuguese sweet bread, Chinese noodles or crispy duck, and spicy Korean kim chee are as easy to find as Hawaiian poi, which is served as the traditional island staple.’
    • ‘Their diet consisted primarily of poi (pounded taro); pork, coconut, and all but three varieties of banana were denied them.’
    • ‘Small Hawaiian food eateries offer easy-to-try mini-dishes of roasted kalua pig and poi, sweet potatoes, squid lu'au, and steamed fish.’
    • ‘At the Waikoloa Beach Marriott, an Outrigger Resort, chefs grow two different taro varieties - dark, sweet mo'i and butter-crunchy lehua - to create the poi at the property's luau.’
    • ‘Listening to Layla, we unfold the slim Goan papers and tuck into our breakfast of papaya slices, toast, Goan poi and piping hot coffee.’
    • ‘But man, sometimes I would kill for some good poi or dobash.’


Of Polynesian origin.