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  • 1A small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience, as when making a speech or conducting an orchestra.

    • ‘Chloe stood there watching the podium where James had just given his speech.’
    • ‘Standing on the podium in ninth place, Gilmour counted her blessings that she could race in the 15 km Easter Weekend hill climb at all.’
    • ‘The two were standing on podiums on a stage at the front of the venue when Tyson suddenly walked across to Lewis and appeared to throw a punch at a man standing close to the Briton causing a fight involving around 20 other men to break out.’
    • ‘Standing on the podium in Transport House, Westminster, Campbell was immaculately dressed as ever in a blue silk tie, light blue cotton shirt and pressed suit.’
    • ‘That would be a good speech from the podium during an election campaign, but certainly does not stand up to scrutiny in this place.’
    • ‘She said there has been nothing akin to the feeling she had when she was standing on the podium and hearing NZ's national anthem being played.’
    • ‘It has been acknowledged that the President has done rather better at the podium than his many speech critics recognise.’
    • ‘This episode was not played centre stage but on a small podium installed near the audience.’
    • ‘Outrageously, you stand there on the podium to make the ultimate speech to thank all of them for everything they have done for you.’
    • ‘Change does not come from above: it's not the result of speeches from podiums - it's the outcome of the way people conduct their lives.’
    • ‘Urchins with candles preceded them to the Place du Panthéon, where they spread out around speakers standing on a makeshift podium.’
    • ‘To keep the detailed and rather intense lecture from getting monotonous, a group seated beside the podium stood up at intervals and read section from the poet's works.’
    • ‘Scott is now taking the podium to call the audience to order.’
    • ‘A seemingly proud Hilary Modeste stood at the podium to deliver his speech for the evening.’
    • ‘Indeed, the representatives from Limerick city and county stood on the one podium to officially launch details of the show at Greenmount Racecourse this week.’
    • ‘When the time arrived for Buck to give his speech, he made his way to the podium and faced the audience.’
    • ‘He leans into his audience from the podium and glares into the lens.’
    • ‘He said he had agonized over whether he should stand on the podium to address the rally until an hour before the speech.’
    • ‘Ian Thorpe stood atop the victory podium in Barcelona today as the first swimmer in history to win the same event at three consecutive world titles.’
    • ‘One needs only to imagine the American professor standing at the podium before a Muslim audience.’
    platform, stage, dais, rostrum, stand, soapbox
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    1. 1.1North American A lectern.
      • ‘Four girls approached the podium excitedly and one stepped up to the microphone.’
      • ‘This report has a little something for everyone, ideas that many space advocates, including yours truly, have been pounding the podiums in favor of, for many, many years.’
      • ‘I had already smoothed my speech out on the podium in front of me twice.’
      • ‘The professor had shopped for more conventionally built podiums but was intent on finding something more unusual and keeping his office decor consistent.’
      • ‘Richard took a seat at the front while Clancy moved behind a podium and began talking.’
      • ‘Stepping aside to allow the president through, Cindy Collins took her seat in a folding chair behind the podium.’
      • ‘My hands felt the sides of the microphone and I fingered the wooden podium.’
      • ‘The hostess nodded and motioned for them to follow her, moving from the podium, past two tables of diners and to a small two person table.’
      • ‘Chuck War stood and approached the podium to respectful applause from the Assembly.’
      • ‘I remember going to a branding seminar many years ago where we had six podiums, with six speakers, including Peter Haines, who was CEO at the time.’
      • ‘The same short, pudgy, women walked up to the podium, leaving her seat empty.’
      • ‘Instead of leafing through the racks of clothing, she found a catalogue of the various cuts and fashions situated on helpful podiums stationed around the store, and began flipping through its pages.’
      • ‘There was a desk, some chairs, a podium, and a screen on the back wall.’
      • ‘He kissed his wife and took her place behind the podium while she took her seat again.’
      • ‘A tall, attractive black woman rose from her seat and walked to a small podium equipped with presentation controls.’
      • ‘Lt. Nalley rose from his seat and walked to the podium, resting his hands on either side of it and lowering his face to the microphone.’
      • ‘The podium provided some support for him and he leaned against it heavily, trying to find what exactly he was supposed to be speaking into.’
      • ‘We took our seats in the chairs provided, and up to the podium came our ‘valedictorian,’ Lisa.’
      • ‘In addition to making frequent media appearances, he is a regular on the lecture circuit, sharing podiums with the likes of George Bush and Colin Powell.’
      • ‘At the start, Miller's victory was not assured - in fact, it seemed a long shot to many who had watched her pound podiums and insult fellow lawmakers.’
    2. 1.2 (in some sporting events) a structure consisting of three adjacent platforms of different heights, on which the competitors finishing in first, second, and third places receive their awards.
      ‘it was more than I could imagine to be up on the podium and singing the national anthem’
      • ‘It's wonderful that we have such a great pairs team in the US that will hopefully make the podium at Salt Lake.’
      • ‘I scored my first win in this car and enjoyed the champagne and laurel wreath associated with the winner's podium.’
      • ‘Visitors have the chance to create some Olympic memories of their own with a photograph on the winner's podium.’
      • ‘Although they failed to make the medal podium they all performed to the best of their ability and all enjoyed their experience.’
      • ‘I was there, I ran in a world final and I stood on the podium to collect my medal, and no one can ever take that experience away from me.’
      • ‘"I thank God for this victory," she told her ecstatic supporters from the victor's podium.’
      • ‘She admits it was thanks to the club's coaches that she was able to reach the heights of the Olympic podium.’
      • ‘I want to defend my gold in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and stand on the victory podium before my home crowd.’
      • ‘In my view at least two relay teams were denied the medal podium due to poor technical decisions.’
      • ‘Keep an eye out also for Slovenia who have been hovering just off the medal podium in fourth all season.’
      • ‘But what about the thousands of swimmers who work just as hard and never make it to the Olympic podium?’
      • ‘I would not be totally surprised to see him on the podium to collect a medal in the Irish Championships which would be a great breakthrough for a young athlete who has unlimited potential.’
      • ‘Nobody was predicting that this slender young girl, just barely in her teens, would some day stand atop the Olympic podium.’
      • ‘Both have competed for a few seasons but are rarely on the winners' podium.’
      • ‘Katalyn stood on the medal podium smiling at the press and the crowd.’
      • ‘For the world championships, my deepest desire was to stand on the victory podium.’
      • ‘After three year's of dominance by Michael Schumacher and Ferrari there is competition for positions on both the grid and the podium once again.’
      • ‘The gymnast amazed the audience by performing a handstand after mounting the podium to accept her award.’
      • ‘"I'm a little shocked at the moment, it hasn't sunk in," he said before going up on the podium to accept his gold.’
    3. 1.3 A continuous projecting base or pedestal under a building.
      • ‘Beautiful materials are used: in the podium the concrete beams are clad in mullions of black Argentine granite enclosing fillets of white Sicilian marble.’
      • ‘The clean lines of the rectilinear podium maintain a relationship with the low-rise, urban fabric of the city.’
      • ‘The walls and the podiums were made of some kind of shiny metallic, silver alloy.’
      • ‘Extensive stores, laboratories and curatorial offices occupy most of a ground floor podium.’
      • ‘Immediately ahead, a large New Zealand flag flutters above the podium of a modern building on the corner of the Haymarket.’
      • ‘We ended up building on a podium on the west side.’
      • ‘Two glazed lifts transport visitors up from an exhibition space in the tower's podium to an elevated cabin with spectacular citywide views.’
      • ‘The sphere hovers over a glazed pit, in which a museum is being created; a separate entrance leads down to both planetarium and museum from the podium.’
      • ‘In technical terms the house is an open column-and-beam pavilion standing on a solid podium.’
      • ‘With the exception of the lowest level - where the concrete forms a stepped podium for the building - it is clad with metal and glass.’
      • ‘In the foreground there were screens of columns standing on a projecting podium and supporting an entablature.’
      • ‘Marcus says his team went through structural gymnastics to get the tower loads through the podium to foundations.’
      plinth, base, support, bottom, bed, foot, substructure, mounting, platform, stand, foundation, pillar, column, pier
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    4. 1.4 A raised platform surrounding the arena in an ancient amphitheater.
      • ‘The keep, begun about 1074-6, incorporates much Roman masonry and was raised on the concrete podium of the Roman temple.’
      • ‘The donjon was located on the podium of the former Roman temple of Claudius, also the site of a Late Saxon villa regalis.’


  • (of a competitor) finish first, second, or third, so as to appear on a podium for an award.

    ‘I've had great results in the sprint and I've podiumed in the individual’
    • ‘Four years ago at the Turin Games, skiers and snowboarders could be heard talking casually about their hopes to podium.’
    • ‘This is the team in which every rider has podiumed in an NRC event.’
    • ‘She podiumed at the recently stacked Des Moines Triathlon World Cup.’
    • ‘I realized it was not worth it to go out and run the 1,600 if there was a chance I wouldn't podium.’
    • ‘Coming Down Under to train and race for the last few seasons, he is known as a strong athlete and in 1999 podiumed in the World Cup here.’
    • ‘From there it can be hard to podium, because eight skiers came after her, and the judges tend to reserve some cushion in their scores to accommodate the possibility of better performances by the top seeds, who go last.’
    • ‘Do you hope to podium, or will that take a while?’


Mid 18th century: via Latin from Greek podion, diminutive of pous, pod- ‘foot’.