Definition of podiatrist in US English:



  • See podiatry

    • ‘The members of the core team also cooperate closely with other caregivers such as dieticians, community nurses, ophthalmologists, and podiatrists.’
    • ‘Further, direct supervision is provided by an RN, operating physician, licensed podiatrist, or licensed dentist.’
    • ‘Patients who do not respond to simple interventions, or those who have orthopedic or systemic diseases complicating their foot care may require a referral to a podiatrist, foot clinic or orthopedist.’
    • ‘Document any other dermatologic complaint and obtain a consultation with a podiatrist or dermatologist for overall care, if necessary.’
    • ‘These must include allied health specialists, such as dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, podiatrists and dieticians, whose services Medicare has never covered.’