Definition of pocket watch in US English:

pocket watch


  • A watch on a chain, intended to be carried in the pocket of a jacket or vest.

    • ‘He took out the pocket watch and glanced at it again.’
    • ‘‘She's late,’ Alexander Creighton said, angrily checking his pocket watch for the seventh time in ten minutes.’
    • ‘Outside Mr. Shay was waiting patiently beside the carriage, glancing down toward his golden pocket watch.’
    • ‘She proudly gave him the chain for his cherished pocket watch.’
    • ‘Furthermore, he said he never could wear a pocket watch and fob - fashionable at the time - because they got in the way of his arm.’
    • ‘He reached for his pocket, pulling out his Silver pocket watch, his initial engraved on its cover.’
    • ‘He took out a pocket watch and stared at the time.’
    • ‘She checked her pocket watch; it read ten thirty.’
    • ‘He had a pocket watch hanging in front of his suit.’
    • ‘Matt looked up at the clock and to his pocket watch.’
    • ‘She took out a pocket watch on a mismatched chain and checked the time.’
    • ‘Kyran reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket watch.’
    • ‘To one side of her a young boy in overalls sucked on his ticket, to the other a plump man frowned through a monocle at a pocket watch chained to his vest.’
    • ‘He is carrying a pocket watch and fretting aloud over how ‘late’ he is.’
    • ‘He pulled out his pocket watch and noted the time.’
    • ‘He looked away from her, and pulled a small pocket watch from one of the pockets in his jacket.’
    • ‘Until the advent of the wristwatch in the twentieth century, men's pocket watches were suspended from a chain with a watch fob at the other end.’
    • ‘The items, which are believed to be family heirlooms, included a grandfather clock worth around £3,000 and a pocket watch worth £2,000.’
    • ‘In New York in 1890, the latest pocket watch and fob chain could carry seals the wearer could use to demonstrate their place in society.’
    • ‘He stood and the man looked at a pocket watch he held.’
    timepiece, chronometer, small clock, timer
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pocket watch

/ˈpäkət ˌwôCH/