Definition of pocket dialing in US English:

pocket dialing

(British pocket dialling)


North American
  • The action of inadvertently calling someone on a mobile phone in one's pocket.

    ‘pocket dialing is usually less of an issue with flip phones’
    • ‘If I set the screen to "unlocked" there is a lot of pocket dialing.’
    • ‘Eventually, the "slide-to-unlock" tool was added to the phone to prevent pocket dialing and accidental screen inputs.’
    • ‘This phone is great at pocket dialling.’
    • ‘There are ways to avoid pocket dialing with any smartphone.’
    • ‘Victoria 911 officials say this is just one of many examples of cellphone pocket dialing and abandoned emergency calls.’
    • ‘There have been other reported incidents of secondary violations involving phones, but some of these were the result of pocket dialing.’
    • ‘Pocket-dialing is a dangerous drain on emergency 911 systems.’
    • ‘There's also a lock now to prevent unwanted pocket dialing and a backlight behind the keyboard.’
    • ‘The South Florida case isn't the only pocket-dialing incident in recent weeks.’
    • ‘As for pocket dialing, I didn't turn on the security lock screen, so I haven't had a problem.’