Definition of pneumotachograph in US English:



  • An apparatus for recording the rate of airflow during breathing.

    • ‘An adequate pneumotachograph was connected to the tracheal cannula for the measurements of airflow and changes in lung volume.’
    • ‘Airway pressure was measured between the ventilator and the pneumotachograph.’
    • ‘Breath-by-breath analysis of VT and respiratory rate acquired using a pneumotachograph was used to calculate minute ventilation.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the study and in the intervals between different settings, each subject breathed spontaneously through the pneumotachograph for about 20 to 25 min, once removed from the ventilator tubing.’
    • ‘In the current study, breathing pattern was measured using a pneumotachograph attached to a T piece while the patient inspired supplemental oxygen.’
    • ‘Passive, relaxed inflations were recorded using a resuscitator connected to the pneumotachograph.’
    • ‘Each subject was seated and asked to mouth breathe through a pneumotachograph for 2 min.’
    • ‘This newer technique involves use of a pneumotachograph, which measures flow of air continuously on each breath.’