Definition of pneumonectomy in US English:



  • Surgical removal of a lung or part of a lung.

    • ‘Within 30 days after surgery, 91 patients died, 43 of whom patients had undergone pneumonectomy.’
    • ‘We routinely use a 4.8-mm stapling device to close the main bronchus after pneumonectomy.’
    • ‘Whatever the case may be, it is clear that surgical treatment for operable lung cancer has come a far way since its formidable beginning of pneumonectomy in 1933.’
    • ‘The morbidity and mortality associated with donor pneumonectomy pose significant ethical considerations.’
    • ‘A pneumonectomy was not performed in 1951 on King George IV.’
    • ‘Lobectomy was performed in 34 cases and pneumonectomy in 10 cases.’
    • ‘The method might also be applied to answer the question whether compensatory lung growth after pneumonectomy occurs by formation of new alveoli or by enlargement of existing alveoli.’
    • ‘The first, pneumonectomy, is a full resection of the affected lung.’
    • ‘He was deemed fit for surgery and a left pneumonectomy was performed.’
    • ‘He recovered well from his left pneumonectomy.’