Definition of pneumatology in US English:



  • 1The branch of Christian theology concerned with the Holy Spirit.

    • ‘The relation between Christology and pneumatology has been an important element of contemporary ecumenical discussion especially between eastern and western Christians.’
    • ‘It would make a fine contribution to any class on pneumatology or spirituality at an undergraduate or graduate level.’
    • ‘He does so brilliantly, synthesizing Thomas's doctrine of God, God's relationship to creation, the doctrine of ‘image and likeness,’ and Christology and pneumatology.’
    • ‘It is true, of course, that every Christian belief is related to all the others; but pneumatology in particular would seem to be a zone of theology that can hardly be entered except by an indirect route.’
    • ‘Once again, we see how a contemporary starting point for spiritual theology that has severe problems comes into proper focus when located in pneumatology.’
    • ‘In this light, we can see how each of the available starting points for spiritual theology is misconceived if viewed as a natural human capacity, but becomes viable as a topic of pneumatology.’
    • ‘First, however, this is a Trinitarian pneumatology, which sees the Holy Spirit always together with the other two Persons of the Trinity in a shared work of creation and restoration.’
    • ‘But if there is a conclusion to be drawn from the foregoing theses, it would seem to be that pneumatology ought not to be a distinct department of theological understanding, so much as an integrator of other departments.’
    • ‘In the penultimate chapter, the author insightfully compares the theologians and theologies, then proffers his assessments: they need to strengthen pneumatology and to incorporate more fully the resurrection.’
  • 2historical The study of spirits or spiritual beings.


Mid 17th century: from pneumato- + -logy.