Definition of plunderer in US English:



  • See plunder

    • ‘In 1995 he was shown many of the same sculptures, but by then plunderers had cut them up to sell piece by piece on the antiquities market.’
    • ‘For three days the plunderers worked unhindered and carried away their booty in front of running cameras.’
    • ‘When plunderers raided a merchant vessel at anchorage off Visakhapatnam in broad daylight, an armed boarding party of the Coast Guard swiftly responded to a distress signal and nabbed the fleeing pirates after a hot chase.’
    • ‘Ultimately, when we talk about government, we are talking about a bunch of ignorant bullies, looters, and plunderers.’
    • ‘While some objects can be recovered and have been, there is no reversing the damage inflicted on the ancient sites by the plunderers.’