Definition of plum pudding in US English:

plum pudding


  • A rich boiled or steamed pudding containing raisins, currants, and spices.

    • ‘It was Christmas Day in the workhouse, and the inmates sat down to a meal of roast beef and pork, followed by plum pudding and fruit.’
    • ‘It's pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and plum pudding for Christmas, and some chocolates for Easter.’
    • ‘For you, Christmas is about family and traditions, and you rather enjoy the rituals of going to church at midnight and turning off the lights before flaming the plum pudding.’
    • ‘A scrumptious baked dinner with plum pudding for dessert will be served after the game.’
    • ‘The first prize is a Christmas hamper and other prizes include a Christmas cake, whiskey, wine, plum pudding and sweets.’
    • ‘Dessert consisted of a selection of three which comprised plum pudding, chocolate cake and meringue.’
    • ‘Sweets and plum pudding are an absolute must during Christmas and a precious tradition too.’
    • ‘We had fresh beef, potatoes and a good plum pudding with brandy sauce - a double allowance of everything, and instead of plain bread it was currant bread for three days.’
    • ‘The plum pudding has been steamed for close to 10 hours.’
    • ‘Christmas supper includes meat such as chicken and ham followed by plum pudding.’
    • ‘The competition had a Christmas theme and Iris had to produce a selection of festive cookery including a plum pudding, mince pies and homemade short-bread.’
    • ‘We will have all the regular produce on sale from fresh home baking, free range eggs, jams, honey, pickles, chutneys, plum puddings and Christmas cakes.’
    • ‘Olivia was currently preparing the plum pudding and had promised to bring the dough upstairs as soon as it was ready, so that everyone could give it a lucky stir and witness the dropping of a penny into it.’
    • ‘After three hours of stuffing ourselves, we succumbed to the traditional dessert of plum pudding with brandy sauce, fresh strawberries with various fruits and cream.’
    • ‘It was usually a turkey of about 25 pounds which Sir William always carved, followed by plum pudding.’
    • ‘For anyone interested in ordering Christmas cakes or plum puddings, please do so at this market.’
    • ‘By Victorian times, the plum pudding was a major part of the Christmas feast, brought to the table with great pomp.’
    • ‘Make sure you eat the frozen spinach and the rest of the plum pudding before we go’.’
    • ‘For those who could still eat more, there were a selection of desserts which included the typical dishes of the season, such as plum pudding with brandy sauce, marble cheesecake, Yule log and Snow Mountain.’
    • ‘If you still have room, there are desserts such as plum pudding with brandy sauce, Yule Log, chikki kulfi, assorted Swiss Tortes, fresh fruit cheesecakes, and tender coconut and pistachio mousse.’


Early 18th century: so named because the pudding was originally made with plums, the word plum being retained later to denote ‘raisin’, which became a substituted ingredient.


plum pudding

/pləm ˈpʊdɪŋ//pləm ˈpo͝odiNG/