Definition of plugged-in in US English:



  • Up to date; aware of the latest developments or trends.

    • ‘Sure he's witty and plugged-in.’
    • ‘The most plugged-in nation in the world is receiving virtually no true information about what its warriors are doing.’
    • ‘Although the authors' sources are often plugged-in, one suspects they are not always objective.’
    • ‘I know not everyone is as plugged-in to current events as the blogging community, but I'd like to think my classmates can spot a ridiculous story when they see it.’
    • ‘It was backed by an all-star group of affluent, plugged-in Harvard professors and alums.’
    • ‘For years, investors lucky enough or plugged-in enough to get allocations of initial public offerings had a license to print money.’
    • ‘I have no idea if Brazile has inside information, but she's a seriously plugged-in person whose opinion is worth passing along.’
    • ‘A few plugged-in experts note that a more nuanced analysis of the market reveals that heating oil, which is already passing through refineries, is likely to be in relative abundance this winter.’
    • ‘There is no one more plugged-in, better-connected, more knowing in Washington than he.’
    • ‘It's very plugged-in and knows all the right people.’
    • ‘Further education and higher education institutions could be far more plugged-in to the world of filmmakers.’
    • ‘He was so plugged-in to the ways of pop that it became his only frame of reference.’
    • ‘Drop by our sports website every Monday and Wednesday for the latest on our top drivers, written by our network of plugged-in correspondents.’