Definition of plucker in US English:



  • See pluck

    usually in combination ‘a goose-plucker’
    • ‘Hailing from a musical family, he started out as a guitar plucker.’
    • ‘Rubber workers would be required to tap 50 extra trees per day, for example, while tea-leaf pluckers would have to increase their harvest from 14 to 16 kilograms per day.’
    • ‘They have also rejected employers' demands for productivity-linked wage rises and financial penalties against tea pluckers who fail to meet their daily quota.’
    • ‘To register a day's work, a tea plucker has to meet a quota of 18 kilograms of leaves.’
    • ‘Mubuyu farms will employ over 1,500 coffee pluckers during the harvest period between April and September of which the majority will be women.’