Definition of pluck up (or screw up or take) courage in US English:

pluck up (or screw up or take) courage


  • Make an effort to do something that frightens one.

    • ‘They eye me shyly from the doorway before plucking up the courage to come in.’
    • ‘Sometimes this takes courage, but it can also force the concerns publicly and to make change.’
    • ‘It takes courage and commitment to go trekking in the jungle of South America especially if you are afraid of spiders.’
    • ‘She has to pluck up the courage to perform them at a songwriter's showcase if she is to have any hope at all of making it.’
    • ‘It took courage because it was a real scary time, y'know?’
    • ‘It takes courage to reach out to the enemy, to heal their hurt than to pull the trigger.’
    • ‘I admire her passion and courage, as let's face it, it takes courage for a woman to refuse to breed these days, but still, despite my ambition I can't imagine life without a child.’
    • ‘Credit is due to both for getting this far; it took courage.’
    • ‘This was a life-affirming, emotionally and intellectually liberating message, and it took courage and conviction to be the messenger.’
    • ‘It takes courage and nerve to face down fundamentalism when it comes knocking.’
    • ‘He sounded very sweet and down to earth so I eventually plucked up the courage to give him a call.’
    • ‘It takes courage and wisdom to make the best of an imperfect situation and accept the inevitable.’
    • ‘The necessary resolve takes courage and persistence, from police, parents and the wider community.’
    • ‘This week he also intends to pluck up the courage to visit his home, which is fenced off for safety reasons.’
    be brave enough, have the courage, pluck up courage, take the risk
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