Definition of plow something in/back in US English:

plow something in/back

phrasal verb

  • 1Plow grass or other material into the soil to enrich it.

    • ‘In 1933 alone, $100 million was paid out to cotton farmers to plough their crop back into the ground!’
    • ‘A worrying factor will be the availability of straw this autumn as balers cannot get on to land and farmers may be forced to chop and plough it back.’
    • ‘Many cereal growers instead of baling straw chopped it up and ploughed it in as prices were poor.’
    • ‘Once the work is done, the mulch can be plowed in and grass can be planted.’
    1. 1.1 Invest money in a business or reinvest profits in the enterprise producing them.
      ‘savings made through greater efficiency will be plowed back into the service’
      • ‘Of course, a proportion of those savings were ploughed back into the sport through the Dive Aid Foundation.’
      • ‘Market revenues are ploughed back into the market-strong areas or used to augment the corporate side of university operations.’
      • ‘Camelot, which has ploughed thousands in lottery profits into the four in which Pinsent and Cracknell will now row, may have stumbled on a bonanza of big-screen proportions.’
      • ‘She has been using a sports psychologist and almost all her prize money has been ploughed back into helping her career.’
      • ‘If we fail to raise enough and they can't find a suitable private finance partner, no doubt we'll lose that money too and it will be ploughed in to pay for someone else's hospital.’
      • ‘Monetary prizes have been ploughed back into the schools and their projects.’
      • ‘Under Home Office rules police could only plough back fines into road safety improvements if offenders were caught on cameras.’
      • ‘Should the cut materialize, he said, he would plough the savings back into his company to buy new equipment and hire 30 additional employees.’
      • ‘Both were working and ploughing their earnings back into the home and into comforts for their only child.’
      • ‘In Yellowstone, we turned a large number of campground operations over to a concessionaire and plowed the income back into campground facilities.’
      invest in, put money into, sink money into, lay out money on
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